April 17 2023

Mon 17 April 2023

I've been gradually rolling out more homelab updates, including whats turned into a bit of a rebuild and de-flakiness effort. Nothing like a bit of sunlight to realise that things need a proper looking at :-)

It's also been pretty good for my brain, I think -- having the benefit of really looking into and learning how things work properly, rather than hacking on it until it bends to my often fickle and capricious will.

Anyway, this week's make-go-proper effort was starting to use a docker registry for localy cached images. I had been going about it arseways by having a local registry that I downloaded and pushed images to. Turns out A More Properer Way is to configure all your docker hosts to use a registry that's configured as a cacheing proxy. This also means if my home internet is dead, I'm able to move tasks around without it blocking on the new nomad hosts fetching the remote docker image.

The tl;dr, is to set up a registry with proxy.remoteurl set to a remote proxy. here's how i do it at home with nomad -- note that you can't push images to this registry, so I run a separate proxy-only registry. Then add the following to /etc/docker/daemon.json on your docker hosts:

  "registry-mirrors": ["https://my-local-mirror.local:5001"]

Probably overkill, but that's probably the point?

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