December 07 2014

Sun 07 December 2014


The last of this year's travel is ongoing. I haven't had a weekend in NYC in a while, and it's managed not to snow this time. A decent day yesterday walking around the park and times square in the rain, and visiting MoMA for a bit.

This week is more synergy - a meeting of managers from all over to talk about The Company's storage, the teams that run it, and various other bits. It's the stuff I'm interested enough in that it doesn't feel like work. Good times.

Here until thursday or so, the heading home to a bunch of time off for xmas and new years. I've alwys taken the two weeks surrounding xmas and new year's off, for my entire working life. Of course, this means that the week before the week before xmas always ends up being an exercise in clock-watching (yes, even if I do like my job. It's not quite at the level of 'xmas every day' just yet).

So, this year, I took that week off as well. I'm sure nothing bad can come of this.

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