February 17 2015

Tue 17 February 2015


The weather's turning. It's one of those nice times of year when it's cold and mostly dry, but without a winter in front of us. Things are growing at home and we're seeing what pops up on our first spring in the new place.

So, on Valentine's day, I reminded myself of how much I love myself, and got a new motorbike. It's the little things. Love you lots babe xoxo.

I'm currently in London, doing a short trip for work. Have managed only short trips so far (to Zurich, and now here) -- I've a few longer trips coming up, but they should be mostly uneventful. I don't have the appetite for long trips any more, to anywhere. There's too much at home.

As the weather gets nicer, I also mean to get fitter (i.e. fitter than not fit at all). The house buying moved us further out from work, and introduced stress that means I've been off the self-powered bike for a while. I've a pretty big Airsoft Event coming up in April, and not dropping dead from running for a few hundred metres would be just great. I'm funny with exercise in that I can't stick to it unless it has a point. So, bike commuting was great. Gym, not so much.

Of course, I say this after inhaling a Pretty Nice Burger in a local place here. Whoops-a-daisy.

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