July 12th 2014

Sat 12 July 2014


Busy day yesterday (and less busy today) so catching up today. The large furniture parts are moved, and some other stuff was delivered (this is a table and chairs). Lead times on furniture are up to a month or so, so this'll keep happening over the next while. I was able to get a little bit done, but these are mostly still boxes in a corridor.


Later, headed into Swords to a birthday thing for an Airsoft-buddy. I'm not usually a pub person, because I usually have a work or driving excuse, but I figured that this is the closest to a complete absence of an excuse I'll have, so I actually showed up. The plan was to be dirty stopouts, then up in the morning for some shoot shoots. That worked out delightfully, followed by some helping J and Oli move, followed by crashing on their spare bed for a while.

Home now, and having to face the terrifying prospect of an evening without television (it's still here, but I'm not arsed plugging it in). Tomorrow, there are some new-house bits to do, and some more J/Oli moving (their old place is close to Croker, so we have to wait for the bogger concentration to die down in the evening).

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