July 15th 2014

Tue 15 July 2014


Today turned out a good bit more productive than expected. Headed up to Newry for some shopping (Well, for a particular item), then got back and did some painting -- Blinds are arriving on Friday hopefully, so the reveals around the windows needed to be painted before then. Good old Magnolia. The safe bet.

This evening is my first night spent sleeping in the new house. I have to say it feels a bit strange not to be surrounded by other people in houses attached to mine. Getting used to the noises of a new house, the random settling and banging noises throughout, the outside noises seeping in. Compared to the house in Clane, it's deathly quiet.

Tomorrow, I'm actually not sure what's on the cards. I've been asked to do some driving instruction, and will be going shooting people in the evening.

I also need to book some training. Check out what I bought in Newry:


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