July 17th 2014

Thu 17 July 2014

Cook cook

If you ever want to get funny looks in an electronics shop, break out a measuring tape and start measuring microwaves. I got an incredulous "They're all standard sizes" today in Power City, while standing in front of a load of microwaves that were clearly Very Different Sizes. Our old microwave (which I actually saw on sale for an eye-watering amount) is too big for the fancy flippy arrangement in the new kitchen, so I got one that physically fits, and performs the one function of a microwave I've ever used ("Nuke on full power for N minutes"). The old microwave was also a browner, grill, and worryingly had a button marked 'Chaos Defrost'. So it gets flogged/donated/something.

Also today was the BER assessor looking at the house post-renovations. His only on-the-spot recommandations were something like "Eh, there are still one or two bulbs that aren't CFLs, and that's about it". So that's good. This assesment means free gubmint money to cover some small part of the heating/insulation work.

I was planning on tomorrow being a day off, but the solar installers never showed today, and some furniture is arriving tomorrow, as I found out today (2 weeks early!). Maybe I'll gt the weekend off?

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