July 1st 2014

Tue 01 July 2014


Skipped a day, yesterday being mostly lost to what I'm assuming were sinus headaches, but which could have been stress or tiredness or a combination of both. Last time I bought a house, I ended up on a treadmill in a local clinic having some heart palpitations checked out. So things are going pretty well, considering.

Today was Kitchen day, the installers arriving first thing (as well as the Alarm guy, so now my alarm will send me a frantic SMS message if it goes off). After only slight mishaps (the hole in the ceiling for the extractor fan was measured based off old plans, so was a bit off. Whoops) I now have some of a kitchen. The main bits (sink, hob, oven) will go in hopefully tomorrow.

I also had new washer and drier delivered, and got to hear an entertaining rant from the delivery guy (apparently 'Robertstown' is some vague amalgam of a couple of townlands that can mean any where from just outside Naas to Enfield, so about 30 square km). A happy throwback to living in town is that I'm able to give directions to my house via well-known local pubs.

I also primed/sealed some plaster reveals in the rooms I didn't have profesionally painted, and hung some curtain rails. Aren't I a clever primate. I also now own a spirit level you could beat someone to death with (which, in fairness, is a critical criterion for any hand tool).

Tomorrow, since the actual tradespeople don't arrive until the evening, I'm going to take a day off house stuff. I actually haven't had a proper lie-in since my leave started, so I'm going to try that, then see what happens.

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