July 23rd 2014

Wed 23 July 2014

Chop chop, Dig Dig

Yesterday, some dudes in a JCB showed up outside the gate to fill in a giant pothole that trucks and buses had been disappearing down for the last few months. It is my understanding that I should figure out who caused this to happen and then vote for them.

The very last of the work on the house drags oooooon. Today, an electrician does a number of small jobs, which sorts that out (and turns the tiny pointless room containing the entrance to the attic into a decent comms room). Tomorrow (hopefully) a plumber gets to drain and rebalance my radiators in order to fix a tiny drip from one of the radiator valves. The CCTV also gets finished off either today or tomorrow.


Still, I am an awful lot more moved-in than I was. The cats are used to me disappearing for a few days at a time, so them moving later in the week is fine, I think.

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