July 27th 2014

Sun 27 July 2014

Monorail Cat

26 and 27 have been days off. I said before about needing to take 'days off' from the moving and the Stuff I Gotta Do - these days turned out that way.

Friday night, I got one of the annoying headaches I get if I get too tired or stressed, so that, if nothing else, was the sign that it was time for a break. So, yesterday and today was mostly lounging around, being amused by the cats noticing things. There's a lot more wildlife outside the windows of this house (more kinds of birds, rabbits and hares, and a local cat they haven't seen yet). It's been a tiring experience when you've got lots of things to notice.

Ping has stopped hiding, at least, which is encouraging. She's more of a creature of habit, and didn't explore the house at all the first day. She's currently trotting around smelling things, so that's good.

Tomorrow, I get to do some delicious physical labour, moving things from the old house, and moving lumber and various bits from the back garden to the site of the skip I really must get for it one of these days.

This week is probably the first week with nothign house-related scheduled -- the only thing scheduled is my IBT course on thurs/fri, and some nerd stuff on thursday evening. That'll do.

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