July 30th 2014

Wed 30 July 2014

So Cable

Thge last few days haven't felt like particularly urgent ones, which is good -- I think I'm winding down the urgency level overall, and the time off work is kicking in. I had originally intended to take a month off, and was convinced to take 2 by a co-worker. In retrospect, only taking a month would have been a mistake. I think I'm only really getting into things now, 4 weeks in. Having to go back to work next monday would be bad.

The computers/gear/network gubbins are mostly set up in the new place, which makes things more tolerable entertainment-wise. The software side of it will come together - I use some dodgy python scripts to do a lot of the automation stuff, and will have to do stuff like turn downloads off while I'm at home (Internet connection going from 200Mb->6Mb), and various other bits.

The next few days are a bit busier, my bike training is tomorrow, and Favourite Lady gets home as well. Hopefully updates will pick up.

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