June 08 2023

Thu 08 June 2023

I've mostly ported my homelab across, and took the opportunity to add actual monitoring and actual resiliency. I'll do a post on the janky setup.

I've also (thanks to some kind mastodaoine) gotten set up with restic to some remote storage. I'm glad software like this is still being made. Very little messing about and a well-implemented version of the thing we thought we could do ourselves with a shell script. You know who we are.

In other news, I'm also roughly half-way through a diploma course in Coaching and Mentoring. I'm pretty sure I'll end up using it in any case, but it's one of those things where I also want to try out if it turn out to be a source of energy to me. it certainly was when I was working in a larger enterprise, and it'll be interesting to see if that was all due to being invested in outcomes, as opposed to happy with the method and with helping individuals.

(Sorry for the 'writing prompts' post calling out how I haven't been posting here. I'm trying various methods to gather my thoughts as I sound out how my brain works these days. But that's another post).

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