June 19 2023

Mon 19 June 2023


My last few weeks have ended up with me having about 30% of my regular day-job meeting/stuff-I-gotta-do load; due to a perfect storm of school stuff and other adventures (I'm currently collecting driving license categories! Trailer learner permit coming and sitting some theory tests for Truck license).

Other adventures recently was dusting off the campervan for this year - it turned into more adventure than we strictly wanted when the alternator in the van decided to die half-way to where we were going. This territorial Robin quickly reminded us we were only on his turf temporarily.

Next week I get to probably make a poor attempt at lacquering a wooden floor, and burying some cables in the garden that i definitely won't dig up again. Living The Dream. Still Alive. May think about work come....October or thereabouts?

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