Last Day O' School

Fri 27 June 2014

Finished up in work today, not in again until the 1st September. Wandered around doing some house stuff (measuring windows for blinds, seeing if stuff needs doing tomorrow).

Next wek, the interior painting gets finished, along with the new kitchen arriving tuesday, and the last of the floors going down. We're then well into 'no excuse' territory :-)

Googlers who are following this: I should warn you -- it's not going to involve much highbrow insight until I sort out this block and tackle. Right now, this is "My Project", if you've read the excellent Nerd Handbook article.

I'm also going to be doing something essentially every day, as much as I can. I'm considering adding Disqus so people can comment, but in the meantime, email me.

For now, though, I'm tired. It's been a logn day of work. Time for a new start tomorrow.

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