May 11 2021

Tue 11 May 2021


Let's try every week or so? No excuses about no time :-)

The last week or two have been decompressing, switching off. I found/find myself unable to do most of the technical/outside/etc. stuff that would usually count as "Doing stuff I want", in favour of a sort of haze of...meh? It's not even "Oh, woe is me", it's more of a "Nope" to doing basically anything. I take it as the brain trying to heal itself :-)

So, that's what that's like :-) I can already feel things lifting, though -- so I think once there's a little more structure I'll be good to go. I do realise it's up to me to provide it, so that's this week's job.

I have been able to get out a bunch, though. Yesterday was the first day when inter-county travel was allowed, so I made it out to the parents, for the first time since xmas. There is a significant backlog of being fed to be done.

Next week involves putting a bit of structure (i.e. fixing sleep cycle), starting small on some exercise, and maybe making a list of project work to do (I suspect learning about prometheus is bubbling to the top of the backlog). I also need to fix my horrible hacky way of using local disk in Nomad allocs (squint your eyes and behold). Plus other stuff that's now popping into my head that means I should probably go and make that list now...

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