November 09 2019

Sat 09 November 2019


It's been over two years, and while I'm still patiently waiting for the demise of Medium, it only took re-running pelican-quickstart to make my makefiles work again. Plus we haven't deprecated serving static content just yet, so there's that.

Most of the selling points for blog platforms these days is some sort of federation thing, or the promise that more people will read your nonsense, or other stuff that's nothing to do with producing an actual log. It's something LiveJournal got right, in a way.


At the moment, I'm on a train from work on Seattle, to San Jose, which is also near work. In a toss-up between getting a 2-hour flight and sitting on my ass in the bay area for two days, I choose....22-hour train journey. It's being a pretty good opportunity to switch off, when these are few and far between these days, more than I'd care to admit. The very fact that I'm on the (offline editing) blog thing will give you an idea of the extent of the problem I have with disconnecting :-)

I last took the Coast Starlight maybe 8 or 9 years ago, that time from Oakland to Los Angeles. I remember it as a fascinating drive-by of some of the smaller parts of American life -- as someone who's really never visited the USA for pleasure purposes, it's easy to forget it's where millions of people live in small towns, and rolling past and getting a look at that brings me a sense of ease that even with an open text editor (the modern equivalent of a notebook), I can't properly try to express with words. It's a good feeling and I'll take it.

This trip to the Pacific Northwest, short as it was, was also a good reminder that it's a place I enjoy being at. Maybe it's the weather? Or the closeness to nature in the planning of the city. Anyway, it puts me in a mind to having a go at coming here for nonwork reasons. That doesn't happen a lot.

Ayway, that's yisser lot. Like always, I promise myself I'll update this more, if my brain is in the space to do so. And, most likely like always, it never bubbles to the top. Seeya when I see you :-)

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