September 16th 2014

Tue 16 September 2014


Away in Zurich for a few days with work. Partially to meet a bunch of people, but also to get into the practice of being away from home in small doses. I've a few more trips coming up (London, Munich, etc) that'll also help.

I've been dealing with a bit of low-level anxiety about leaving the house empty - it's a good bit more secluded than the old place, which means I don't like leaving it alone. For this and a few future trips, I have someone going in there pretty much every day (or living there), but I just have to deal with it -- Alarm systems, CCTV, home automation only go so far. If stuff happens, it happens. Bizarrely, in my head it's the cats I'd be more worried about. Stuff is just stuff.

I was in Zurich in June, but didn't get to see any of it -- so I'm getting around this time by walking. I really like old european cities, where people actually use the space. It's one of the things I don't like about Dublin -- people don't look like they're using the space and kind of scurry around between Things They Gotta Do. Hard to explain. What I have learned is that I need a comfortable pair of walking shoes, and to become less of a fat sack of shit (I stopped getting any regular exercise right when I bought the new house and stress took over. Need to reverse that trend.)

I got to do some gaming over the weekend at Heckcon, which was nice - I've been trying to do a little more of this, since it was one of the things I consciously enjoyed that I just petered out with doing. I'm getting set up for Gaelcon in a month or so, and may even run a game. There's also a set of people that I only really run into at cons, and it'll be good to get kept up.

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