Fri 07 April 2023

Now that I've a bit more time on my hands (more on that later) the predictable swing back toward being able to do actual tech fiddling has started (I Hope).

I've been running nomad from Hashicorp as the compute coordinator for my home setup for a couple of years now, and it's been keeping things going in a fairly unobtrusive way, so I'm going to publish a few more of my 'orrible hacks to get it to do as I say at all costs. I find it a lot more amenable to doing things without having to gut its innards or be a YAML savant -- all while being able to actually understand what's going on with my tiny wee brain.

the initial results are and are going to be at https://github.com/gerrowadat/nomad-homelab, and maybe that means I'll update stuff here? Maybe. Anyway, come and see how I do SSL certificate distribution probably wrongly.

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