August 10th 2014

Sun 10 August 2014


A week between updates, but it's been a reasonably busy one. Still moving a bunch of stuff from the old house, still trying to get out on the (motor)bike every day or so (in between impressive rainshowers).

Friday was a small get-together with some folks, as a bit of a "Yep, I definitely live here now" wake-up call. The smaller touches are also happening, like home automation and the like. I think tis is possibly the first day I've been able to sit in the office and get some solid nerding done. I'm currently experimenting with using LightwaveRF stuff for light switches, since their switch gear is a bit cheaper and more predictable tan z-wave (which I'm using for everything else).

This week, I have to sort out some smaller bits (like the CCTV company that have left me waiting a solid 3 weeks to finish an install. Bad show, MAC Alarms). Also, some more moving (I still havent'e mptied the old house. The last big job is getting that rented out).

Back to the nerd-mobile.

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