August 22nd 2014

Fri 22 August 2014

Clean Lines

I think this is the last of the work on the new house. Today, the painting of the exterior finished, the plumbing was finished inside, and the garage/shed got alarmed (we quickly calmed it down). Just in time for a week left in my time off work!

All that's left is to clear out the old house of stuff I care about, and point the "Make ready for new tenants" ray-gun at it, care of the local letting agent. Hopefully I'll get that done early next week, just in time for a few days off with nothing to do before going back to work.

I think, all in all, that despite the house move taking up a big chunk of my 2 months off, I'm still an awful lot happier with how things have turned out than if I'd kept trying to do it while working full-time. I can't imagine having done all this properly with only evenings and weekends.

I'll do a proper write-up of thoughts on this at some point, this margin cannot contain, etc.

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August 20th 2014

Wed 20 August 2014

Pew! Pew!

Sleep cycle being fucked up. That's the holiday sensation I know so well!

Last weekend, I was at a large (well, the largest of its kind in Ireland), Airsoft game, which meant a lot of driving and walking around, and not a lot of sleep. My feeble hu-man body is …

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August 10th 2014

Sun 10 August 2014


A week between updates, but it's been a reasonably busy one. Still moving a bunch of stuff from the old house, still trying to get out on the (motor)bike every day or so (in between impressive rainshowers).

Friday was a small get-together with some folks, as a bit of …

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August 3rd 2014

Sun 03 August 2014


Updates getting more infrequent, so I should make it my business to do more interesting things, right?

Thursday and friday were the IBT course, which I passed, making me apparently eligible to ride a motorycle of any size without restriction, as long as I wear a newbie hi-vis. That seems …

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Tue 24 June 2014

Finally (I am a male Irish person, after all. We're allergic to health professionals) went to the Physio today for a niggling problem I've had with one of my calves for the last while. What I thought was a bit of stiffness due to lack of exercise and a need …

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