Don't Forget: You're Here Forever

Mon 23 June 2014


Some zealous schwag-merchant deep in the innards of The Company was a month early with this -- probably giving me some time to mount it over the mantel of my plush leather and mahogony office before the big day.

Ironically, I'll not be in work for the big day -- I'm taking all of July and August off, so generally chill out, catch up on being lazy, and have more than 2 weeks off for the first time in my working life. I figure after 15 years or so I'm probably overdue.

Generally, my list of things to do for the two months amount to:

  • Move into new house.
  • Rent out old house.
  • Ride my bike a bunch.
  • Maybe get a new hat.

This seems like a solid set of objectives. I have vague plans to write more code, play more music, replay some games I've been meaning to. Anything after that seems like overachieving.

So, this week saw lots of mail show up at the office, some of which is being squirreled away for hacking on later. Today, the Spark board arrived, which will be fun, if I decide what to do with it at some point.


The idea of being able to talk over the network to stuff that's not supposed to is fascinating (which is why I've also picked up some z-wave toys for the new house, which I'll get to). This will be fun to mess with.

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