September 12th 2014

Fri 12 September 2014


Second week back, and seeing what my job ends up looking like for the next while. Think 'busy'. I'm trying to nail down travel until the end of the year, it being increasingly impossible. I'll be in Zurich for a while next week, and after that is anyone's guess.

Other delightful happenings: Someone working on another building in the campus our building is in managed to reverse a van into the motorbike. The only real damage was to the airblade windscreen, which got broken pretty much clean in half (see picture). After removing the remains, I discovered that all it was really doing was redirecting wind into my face, and riding the bike got a bit nicer to do. So, thanks clumsy van driver I guess.

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September 7th 2014

Sun 07 September 2014


First week back at work - done!

Things have been more physically tiring than otherwise. I've been trying to nail down the next couple of months travel wise, and managed to make it into work on the bike two days out of five, which was good. That's been helped along by …

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August 31st 2014

Sun 31 August 2014


Last day of leave, and a day of normalcy and domesticity. Mainly hung around and enjoyed the last of the days since the end of June, when I last went near work. Tomorrow will see some hectic times, when I figure out what's happened while I've been away. If I've …

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Don't Forget: You're Here Forever

Mon 23 June 2014


Some zealous schwag-merchant deep in the innards of The Company was a month early with this -- probably giving me some time to mount it over the mantel of my plush leather and mahogony office before the big day.

Ironically, I'll not be in work for the big day -- I'm taking …

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