October 18 2014

Sat 18 October 2014


More inactivity! Mainly it's been ridiculously busy in work, mostly around performance reviews and a number of things sneaking up on me. They're sneaky, those things.

Doing a little more travel before the end of the year -- Munich, London, Mountain View and New York (twice). Yay. I've been very travel-light this year, so I guess I gots to pay my dues.

In other news, I own a motorbike now! It's a 2004 Honda NT650V Deauville. It'll do for now - I meanly needed a bigger bike after I discovered that the 250cc bike I was on was hardly pulling me, and I found it way, way easier to ride the school bike (an SV650S). Of course, I'd pick a day with gale-force winds to pick it up.

I've also booked my test, on advice of the instructor - I did an insurance assessment and was given a grade equivalent to 'has a full license and is a daily rider'. Which had the nice side-effect of 30% off my insurance. Let's hope I can keep that up when I don't have a dude following me and roaring at me over a radio.

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October 05 2014

Sun 05 October 2014


Trying to keep this thing up by doing worthwhile things. That was the idea, right?

I've been trying Paleo for the last few weeks, with a drop of about 1.1kg per week so far. Seems normal enough for exercise free diet change (from previous experience), and it's a bit …

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September 12th 2014

Fri 12 September 2014


Second week back, and seeing what my job ends up looking like for the next while. Think 'busy'. I'm trying to nail down travel until the end of the year, it being increasingly impossible. I'll be in Zurich for a while next week, and after that is anyone's guess.

Other …

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