Imperfect Machines

Thu 19 May 2016


I finally got my grubby mitts on an actual dead-tree copy of the SRE book. I've wanted this to exist for many years, and it's finally out there. I wrote a chapter on working with teams with high interrupt loads where the team consists of humans. It's a paraphrase of a paper I wrote a few years back that's used internally across a few teams.

Much as we all need to get grunge work done, often the 'fair' way to divide it is unfair to everyone individually. People work best where they get to do one thing well for as long an uninterrupted session of time as possible. It's a concept that I get pushed back on quite a bit, as it's dangerously close to claiming human can't multitask, and people love to claim they can. But, it's a pretty simple concept that's worked well where applied. Polarise time, sanity may well follow.

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