Working Deliberately with OKRs

Sat 26 June 2021

After being asked by a work colleague to say words about OKRs and if they're a good thing to adopt, I realised I had more words than fit in an email or short doc -- so, here's a slightly longer doc on my view of OKRs, tempered by 15 years or so of using them fairly successfully, and seeing them used...less successfully. They're one of those "Google does them so let's do them too" type things that seem like a no-brainer, but can often mask the right answer for where your practice is at.

Anyway, say hello to Working Deliberately with OKRs (with thanks to @ahidalgosre for casting a critical eye over it).

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Bad Machinery Paper

Wed 19 May 2021

Thanks to my accomodating erstwhile colleagues, I'm able to publish the original paper (with minor redactions so it makes sense for an external audience). A version of this paper later became Chapter 29 of the SRE Book.

To add a little bit of extra colour, the document came out of …

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Imperfect Machines

Thu 19 May 2016


I finally got my grubby mitts on an actual dead-tree copy of the SRE book. I've wanted this to exist for many years, and it's finally out there. I wrote a chapter on working with teams with high interrupt loads where the team consists of humans. It's a paraphrase of …

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