January 03 2021

Sun 03 January 2021


I'm now most of the way through the ~month or so I took off work. Around the start of it, I made a few plans, but I also resolved to unapologetically spend much of it just relaxing, and feeling non-guilty about that. It's something I've been working on, and I'm fairly pleased with the results. Sometimes the things you do are for you. It's one of the things I know and then steadfastly refuse my own counsel on.

One of the outcomes was solving a few of the outstanding home and home automation things I've been loking at doing for ages. The above is a Shelly 1 connected to the pinout of my garage door opener. I didn't have much say in what kind of opener and ended up with the kind with an Internet of Shit widget that just doesn't work properly, and a Manufacturer that don't take too kindly to hobbyists by not publishing any schematics. Thankfully, I happened to know that shorting two of the terminals on the back worked the same as a remote control press, and here we are.

One of the outcomes (unplanned, but here we are) of this break was that i've started writing code agin in earnest. I hope it lasts when I go back to work; I partially credit Advent of Code and some nice folks over on the Irish Tech community Slack for that -- but i've picked up on some other stuff as well. (btw, my attempts up until I ran ot of time are on github, including practicing on previous years).

(I guess if this is the last entry for another year or two, you'll know how going back to work went).

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