November 06 2022

Sun 06 November 2022


It's November! That most wonderful time of the year when your brain and being need a little more maintenance.

Part of my maintenance schedule is taking the worsening weather as a prompt to feel less guilty about not going outside and doing outside things -- i.e. getting to coding and home sysadmin projects before Advent of Code kicks off.

Having ditched Kubernetes at home for various reasons, I've been running Nomad instead for homelab stuff. It is a lot more straightforward for my purposes, and reminds me a lot more of Borg from my time in the chocolate mines.

I'd also been running Consul for service discovery (mostly via DNS interface), and was planning on doing proper secrets management with Vault -- However, Nomad 1.4 added a few nice features, including something that's not as shiny as Vault, but works for my own purposes. So, I was looking to slim back to just Nomad and get rid of the rest of the ecosystem entirely.

After racking my brains for a cool and down-with-the-kids project name, enter nomad-dns-exporter, which is now happily pointing nginx and other various scripts and such at nomad services via DNS, no consul required (unless I turn down consul and discover it is, of course :-))

It's a homelab, so I get to replace some proper software with duct tape, and learned a few things along the way -- so, homelab mission accomplished!

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