November 21 2023

Tue 21 November 2023


The last few weeks were a bit of a hive of activity. I went back to work, started a small business, and went from no-busy-at-all levels of work-related concentration to quite-busy-and-not-very-stressful-yet. I'm going to be doing more than just coaching, but that's for another time.

Earlier this year, I asked J to marry me, and she said alright I guess. We're both very low-key about this sort of thing, so had a wee ceremony as mandated by the state (8 minutes!) and caught a few days away, being fed to an astonishing degree.

J is mostly not online, so that's about all the detail y'alls get -- this is a very nice thing. She has been family for a few years at least by now, so it's tempting to describe this as a formality or delve too deep into this Not Being a Big Deal, No Really. But, it is. I like this lady a lot and now I get to like her forever. Pretty class.

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