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Wed 18 June 2014

So here's another attempt at keeping a log of some kind. the last one died because I stopped having (what I saw as) interesting things on it, blogger's editor bugged the fuck out of me, and general forgetting.

Part of my problem with having a web log is in the min-maxing of content -- you either detail every last thing and risk (hell, more than risk) being boring, or you hold out until you have some earth-shattering insight, and every post has to have one of those.

This race to the middle has been the death of previous attempts, I think. This time around I'm going to try to do something, anything on a regular basis. The aspiration is daily, or several times a week. We'll see how often it is. It's going to be boring and not-boring in about equal measure, I hope.

I'm also going to see if I can hack a bit on Pelican to see how it can munge some of the metadata I provide. I've been doing 'snippets' at work using markdown for a while, and have found it useful for grepping. The source files for this should hopefully be useful in the same way.

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