May 1 2021

Sat 01 May 2021

One of my excuses for not updating this more often is the fiddly nature of making sure I have a working Pelican install. I mean, the real reason is laziness, but that's a handy excuse.

"Woudn't it be great", my insomnia-brain said to itself, "If I could just check a markdown file into git and everything just happened?".

So, a bit of fiddling later, a combination of GitHub Pages and a GitHub Action does just that. So, no more excuses, right?

The repo will give you an idea of how to go about it if you feel like emulating. It still ticks my box of "I have the content in a form that can be used to publish elsewhere if I want", so nerd brain is also happy.

Hopefully longer post incoming, I guess I have some news, right?

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The Technical Contrarian

Sat 16 April 2016

So, case in point (since we love examples).

A couple of years ago, when I first started fiddling with Pelican, one of the first things in the docs was 'okay, set up virtualenv and do such a thing'. My initial reaction, as an old-skool sysadmin weenie who hasn't had to …

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April 11 2016

Mon 11 April 2016

I almost signed up for a medium account. A brief moment of madness before I realised that the likes of medium accounts are also transient. Reminded, again, by my recent de-facto abandonment of G+ as a thing to publish things on. I am not a crackpot, our outlets for writing …

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Excuse the Dust

Thu 19 June 2014

Still fiddling with Pelican -- it's got a reasonably nice codebase, but the devs don't appear to be all that responsive. I've had to patch a few of their outstanding pull requests already to get things working just-so, this one most notably. Also some fiddling with setting up a lightbox for …

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Tap tap tap

Wed 18 June 2014

So here's another attempt at keeping a log of some kind. the last one died because I stopped having (what I saw as) interesting things on it, blogger's editor bugged the fuck out of me, and general forgetting.

Part of my problem with having a web log is in the …

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