April 11 2016

Mon 11 April 2016

I almost signed up for a medium account. A brief moment of madness before I realised that the likes of medium accounts are also transient. Reminded, again, by my recent de-facto abandonment of G+ as a thing to publish things on. I am not a crackpot, our outlets for writing are transient and we're in danger of not having a narrative at all if (some of us) don't self-curate :-)

In since-last-year news, things are progressing, for certain values of progress. As far as the Internet at large is concerned, I now have about twice as many people who have the good|bad|indifferent fortune of being in my organisation at work (I know, "my organisation", right?). Things have gotten really busy since about the start of this year, but in a good way.

It is my solemn belief that the average person should know how to do about 90% of their job. Thereabouts.

I also wrote a chapter for the SRE Book. Not on anything technical of course. On manager-nerd stuff. A dabbler in code and people. It was a paper I'd had sitting internally for a while, that is now seeing the light of day, in edited form. I am glad this book exists, as I have honestly believed that what we're doing is capital-I Important.

I also get on. I get on okay. How are you?

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