Mon 15 November 2010

Sagrada Familia has scrubbed up nice, hasn't it? The whole centre part of it was building site when I was there last, so this is a step in the awesome direction. We even missed the pope by exactly a week, as he came along to consecrate it (they need a level 11 god-botherer to consecrate something this bug, since he's high enough level to know the spell, and can only cast it once a day).

Barcelona is still nice. People use the city, which is a far cry from anything I've seen in Dublin (Dublin has character, but that character needs a few auld shcoops to loosen itself up and usually finds a way to wreck anything out of the ordinary).

November is also a reasonable time to go. It was t-shirt weather throughout, except for the top of the tourist bus. We didn't get enough time to do all the touristy bits, but got some successful shopping done and felt like it was a weekend well-spent nonetheless. We'll probably be back.

Roll on the next thing we're doing!

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