Sat 06 November 2010

Work this past week has been a long trial of getting back up to speed after Tel Aviv. Even though it's pretty much a regular week, catching up my brain from all the stuff I promised to do, and getting back into the stuff I was doing when I left had just about happened by today, basically.

I'm currently looking into full-spectrum/white lighting, for home and work. November is usually a bad brain month, in general. This year, I've been continuing my theme of doing things pro-actively by attempting to spend at least some of it outside the country (I'll be in Barcelona next week, and heading to California at the end of the month), and the aforementioned lighting. It makes a discernable difference to overall mood if I'm working under one for the day.

The one bad thing, of course (and the reasons why hotels use low-light yellow bulbs) is that it shows up every speck of dirt and dust in the room. Once you can deal with this, I heartily endorse this event or product. You feel less like you're holed up in a fortress of solitude, and brighter lights (properly shaded) are in general good for your eyes.

I've been doing other brain stuff recently, which I'll get into. The moral: making your brain work is damn useful if it's what pays your bills.

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