May 09 2023

Tue 09 May 2023

In among posts about fiddling with electronics and occasional life updates, here's a life update!

My partner (and now fiancee, I guess?) isn't very present on the internet, and escews social media in fairly impressive ways. But, we've been together for close to 15 years, so we decided to make …

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April 25 2023

Tue 25 April 2023

Further adventures in pretending homelab is real work!

This week, I've actually been hacking on getting restic running semi-regularly. It turns out (or at least, I've found by experimentation) that the way nomad does scheduled/periodic jobs means that the periodic jobs don't have access to variables the core job …

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April 17 2023

Mon 17 April 2023

I've been gradually rolling out more homelab updates, including whats turned into a bit of a rebuild and de-flakiness effort. Nothing like a bit of sunlight to realise that things need a proper looking at :-)

It's also been pretty good for my brain, I think -- having the benefit of really …

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Fri 07 April 2023

Now that I've a bit more time on my hands (more on that later) the predictable swing back toward being able to do actual tech fiddling has started (I Hope).

I've been running nomad from Hashicorp as the compute coordinator for my home setup for a couple of years now …

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November 06 2022

Sun 06 November 2022


It's November! That most wonderful time of the year when your brain and being need a little more maintenance.

Part of my maintenance schedule is taking the worsening weather as a prompt to feel less guilty about not going outside and doing outside things -- i.e. getting to coding and …

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